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UserTribe Opens Offices in New York and London

UserTribe are opening offices in New York and London. The growth of the company derives from the philosophy that customer involvement is about business, development and marketing. To support the expansion, UserTribe has hired previous Managing Partner in Kunde & Co Casper Henningsen as new CCO.

The following is a loosely based translation of an article Dansk Markedsføring has done about UserTribe – “UserTribe åbner I New York

Yes, you heard right! After the summer of 2017 we are opening offices in New York and London. To strengthen the ambition, UserTribe has hired the previous Managing Partner in Kunde & Co Casper Henningsen as new CCO. With more than 550 businesses on our client list, it is a natural step for our continuous growth to look beyond borders.

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CASE: Danmarks Statistik use customer involvement to prioritize development

When Danmarks Statistik developed a new responsive website, they wanted to test the website in beta before launch. The goal was clear: 1) To ensure high usability, and 2) to better be able to prioritize key tasks that would secure a good customer experience. To reach their goals, Danmarks Statistik sought out UserTribe.

“The new website was made responsive to mobile devices, and we wanted the customer experience recognizable across devices. It was vital for us to engage users before launch to address important issues. Furthermore, we wanted to be able to prioritize what was important to focus on internally in development to deliver a good customer experience”, says Stine Grundtvig Jungersen, Webmaster at Danmarks Statistik.

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Lower retention and acquisition costs through customer involvement

It is hard to both retain and acquire customers if they are not paying attention to your business. Therefore, increasing your retention of customers or acquiring new ones is very much about keeping a good connection with them. And there are several good reasons for doing so.

Existing customers are more likely to buy more

If you spend a bunch of resources acquiring 1 new customer that in the end costs you 1 existing customer, the deal is not worth it. At least not if you could have retained the existing customer by paying attention to his or her needs. 

Why? Because in the end you end up with the same number of customers that you started out with – only you spend more resources attracting new customers than you would have spent on making existing ones buy more. 

Established connections with existing customers requires less “selling” to make them buy more, than if you would have to try to establish a connection with a potential customer, whom have never heard of your business before. This is all common sense.

Now, do not rush out and scrap all your marketing campaigns targeting new customers. That is not the point. What is the point, however, is that you cannot focus solely on gaining new customers, if you want to increase sales – you need to balance the resources spend on retention of existing customers with the resources spend on acquiring new ones.

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