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This is how you implement strategy into your products

Recently the UserTribe Network met at SDC to discuss how to implement a strategy into products. On this occasion, Jakob Bruhns, Senior Consultant and Business Developer at NNIT, presented three overall frameworks for product development and a way to counter them.

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Vlog: Customer Insights Weekly | W2


Our Customer Insight Consultant Julie presents you with learnings from the behavioral customer insights we have gained for our clients in the past week.

This week Julie addresses seniors' understanding of IT, which sometimes might differ from the understanding that a younger segment would have. In the example from the video, a senior customer does not notice, that she has moved to another tab, which leads to a lot of confusion and a lack of overview for her. Today's learning is: If your target group is seniors, make sure you take their IT capabilities into consideration, when developing your digital products and services. 

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Knowledge of Media Convergence can Improve Customer Experiences

Increasing digitalization means various use of several sorts of devices. Media experiences are no longer bonded to a specific device – you no longer have to watch a movie from the television or listen to broadcasts from a radio. This development is called media convergence: To cut a long story short, it means that media devices are converging, offering a wide range of channels to the same product or service. How do we use this knowledge to please our customers?

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