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Facing the global company’s challenges

Having a global operation offers clear strategic benefits for your business: You exploit synergies and bring your products and services to whole new customer markets, new suppliers and new partners. Building customer bases. Growing, thriving. Endless possibilities. Right?

Being global also brings strategic challenges. Many companies find it difficult to be locally adaptable - and flexible - as they go global. In particular, processes for developing strategy and allocating resources can suffer in the immense diversity of markets, customers and channels.

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Topics: global challenges, market differences, worldwide, customer needs

As a leader, you are blindfolded by your employees

As a leader, you are dependent on your employees to know what is really going on in your company, all the way through the different layers and departmentsHow is your company actually doing? Are employees happy? Are projects and KPIs on track? Are you moving in the right direction?

There is one big problem with this dependency, though. We as humans have a strong, underlying urge to please the ones surrounding us - especially our superiors. This urge is making us filter out bad news as information travels up the formal levels. 

Our good friend Mathias from Think Clearly has written down his thoughts on this very phenomenon in Vol. 6 of his handwritten newsletter. We have featured it right here.

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Topics: Customer Empowered Business, Customer Involvement, Blind Spots, customer engagement

Don’t Ask Customers What They Want - Find Out!

Guest post by Mark Hurst, CEO & Founder at Creative Good

I started writing about user experience in 1997. Twenty years ago. Since then I’ve been through three major business cycles, hundreds of client engagements, and the arrival and departure of countless trends, technologies, buzzwords, and other artifacts in the UX discipline.

Across this varied landscape of two decades I have witnessed some notable patterns, almost universal truths, that seem to hold equally well from startup teams to enterprise business units.

Here’s one thing I have observed again and again: product teams that focus on everything except listening to users. They say – Brand proposition? Check. Social media strategy? Check. Technology baseline with the latest acronyms? Check. And... launch. They’re just missing one key item: any meaningful inclusion of the user.

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Topics: UX, Customer Experience, Mark Hurst, The 2017 Customer Outlook, CX

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