Benchmark Yourself Against the Best E-commerce Businesses

Benchmark Yourself Against the Best E-commerce Businesses-1.pngAt the 2017 E-commerce Award, the highly-anticipated award ‘Customer’s Favorite’ was handed to Unisport. Here is how UserTribe choose the winner, which criteria made Unisport the champion, and how you can benchmark yourself against the best e-commerce businesses out there. The picture is taken by Andreas Bech from FDIH

The selection process

In preparation for the 2017 E-commerce Award, UserTribe has tested the top three e-commerces voted by several thousands of customers. The top three e-commerces where benchmarked on multiple parameters: from the very initial searches, to the actual purchase and, finally, the subsequent customer service

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Searchability secured Unisport their first prize

Unisport did incredibly well right from the start. 66% of the search results on Google (organic search) linked directly to Unisport’s webshop. The closest competitor only had 8% of the search results linking to their webshop. Furthermore, Unisport does very well in click throughs – how many potential customers actually press the links they are shown through organic searches. 

Purchase was – and often is - a tie

Another aspect where Unisport did very well was through the purchase phase. Their potential customers found it very easy and intuitive to go through with a purchase, and, in general, had a very good buying experience – which is not only important for winning awards, but essential for having a healthy business and revenue. This is, furthermore, an aspect that webshops are often very aware of usability testing, because it assures the final "purchase" click. What a lot of businesses do not realize, however, is the after-purchase phase that is essential for making customers return, and what in the end secured Unisport their victory.

Service – dialogue with customers important for the overall experience

Unisport especially sealed the deal when it came to customer service. On average, it only took Unisport 2.4 hours to respond to e-mails received from UserTribe’s mystery-shoppers. In comparison, one of the competitors spend 134.5 hours to respond to the e-mail. Even though both webshops did very well (both better than average) during the customer sessions, Unisport had that ‘extra’ that secures you widespread acknowledgement and prizes such as “Customer’s Favorite”. Satisfied customers are loyal customers, and customer service is an often overlooked prospect for managing retention. 

How is your business performing - can you compete with the customer’s favorite e-commerce business?

Benchmark Yourself

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