CASE: Danmarks Statistik use customer involvement to prioritize development

CASE Danmarks Statistik use customer involvement to prioritize development.jpgWhen Danmarks Statistik developed a new responsive website, they wanted to test the website in beta before launch. The goal was clear: 1) To ensure high usability, and 2) to better be able to prioritize key tasks that would secure a good customer experience. To reach their goals, Danmarks Statistik sought out UserTribe.

“The new website was made responsive to mobile devices, and we wanted the customer experience recognizable across devices. It was vital for us to engage users before launch to address important issues. Furthermore, we wanted to be able to prioritize what was important to focus on internally in development to deliver a good customer experience”, says Stine Grundtvig Jungersen, Webmaster at Danmarks Statistik.

The process – what, why and how?

At the very initial stage, in the discovery process, UserTribe in collaboration with Danmarks Statistik settled on which KPIs should be addressed. We quickly settled on ensuring a high usability on the new responsive website before launch. Afterwards, to gain customer insights, first batch of customer sessions were approved and started. Customer sessions were to be conducted on both men and women aged 25-60, representing the general citizen, on both desktop and smartphone. First batch delivered promising results. They were delivered by UserTribe in a report with several optimization points in prioritized order that would help Danmarks Statistik’s development team ensure high usability.

After the implementation of the adjustments to the beta version of their website, it launched with great success. Danmarks Statistik wanted to follow up on their KPI to ensure high usability and widespread customer satisfaction. How was the responsive solution experienced across devices? Second round of customer sessions were approved and conducted, and delivered more insight into the customer experience. As previous customer sessions, prioritized results were delivered to Danmarks Statistik in a report made by UserTribe.

Stine Grundtvig Jungersen: “It’s important to have explorative approach to customer involvement”

“At Statistics Denmark, we find it very appropriate to involve our users in the development of services. Increased user-orientation is part of our strategy, and we continuously want to increase our knowledge about users’ wants, needs and behavior. We are in a constant dialogue with our users to gain insight into their needs and use of our website and other communication products” says Stine Grundtvig Jungersen. 

As several other governmental organizations and institutions have realized, it is vital for the customer experience to involve the ones that are actually going to use your solutions – the citizens. This can both reduce development time and costs fundamentally (at UserTribe we generally reduce development time and costs with up to 60%), but also safeguards a good perception of the relevant organization or institution.

Stine Grundtvig Jungersen continues: “From our experiences we’ve learned that it is important to have an explorative approach to the involvement of the user. If I were to give any advice to other organizations considering customer involvement, it would be that you simply must use a method that simulates the real environment and don’t seem artificial to the customer. This will ensure the best results. The tests have to be on the customers’ premises to get the most realistic picture”.


There is always room for further improvements – as Danmarks Statistik very correctly addressed, when they wanted to conduct the second round of customer involvement on their new responsive website. Now that their website is performing in accordance with Danmarks Statistik’s KPI, there are several other aspects that one could consider to improve to boost the KPI even further – or as an incentive to create newer, more advanced KPIs. These could be:

  • Conversion tests on different target groups – for example politicians, journalists, or subscribers.
  • Continuous monitoring to gain insight into customers’ behavior during the interaction.
  • Structuration of information or subjects on the website through card sorting.

Remember, 70% of all projects fail because they are never tested on the target group and thus fail to target the right people. After conducting 15.000 customer sessions, UserTribe has experienced firsthand the effectiveness of customer involvement. Avoid failure in your projects and business. Click the button below to learn more.

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