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At UserTribe we are experts at helping companies experience their business through the eyes of their customers. We do this through our proven process: 1. Discovery, 2. Insights, 3. Integrate & Secure (learn more). But how do we collect qualitative customer insights you ask?

This blog post will briefly walk you through the work and considerations put into selecting the exact right persons - or candidates - from the target group for conducting our customer sessions.

Three main challenges

Søren is UserTribe’s Community Tribe Manager. His job is to find the right candidates for every customer session, we conduct for our clients, and have them sign up to be a part of our Tribe Community. Above all, the most important part of his job is to find the exact match with both our own high criteria and the requirements given to us by our clients. To assign the perfect candidate can be a challenging job for especially three main reasons:

  1. Varying requirements for candidates
  2. Fast product - rapid execution
  3. Nationality and cross-border assignments

Firstly, the right candidate is very different from one case to another. At UserTribe we can help any company in any industry with customer insights. For the same reason, we must be able to reach every thinkable type of customer. We segment the customers after criteria such as demography and behavior.

This means that sometimes the right candidate can only be assigned if matching very specific criteria - for instance decisionmakers within pump installations in large buildings in Singapore.

Secondly, a part of our service is fast execution, which means that there is only limited time to assign the right candidates. Some candidates are only reachable on certain periods of time, so we are working every hour of the week to reach the exact right ones.

Furthermore, our assigning process is very dependent on our large customer panel (consisting of 10.000 accounts) and our skillful colleagues that can quickly create an overview and assign candidates.

We work internationally, which requires both cultural and linguistic understanding and, finally, essential cross-border contacts. Our high quality selection standards for our customer sessions are a key component for the excellence of our work.

What makes UserTribe able to solve those challenges?

Luckily, we are exceptionally good at what we do at UserTribe. We have built up a customer panel of more than 10,000 people all over the world, and we are expanding it every day. We use a vast number of different channels to reach the right candidates and to persuade them into joining our Tribe Community.

Every day, we are working towards becoming even better and more efficient in every little aspect of our field. Above all, Søren’s finest task as a Tribe Community Manager is to ensure the quality of our work through the very initial stages of our behavioral analyses – assigning the right candidates.

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