Integrate & Secure: How to implement customer involvement into your business structure


It is important to involve your customers. What is even more important is to use the knowledge that you gain. Through behavioral analyses and experienced specialists, you can uncover the potential of your business – but one of the major hurdles is to integrate the solutions required for optimization.

Our experience is, that specifically integrating the knowledge that you have gained through behavioral analyses causes some businesses trouble. They gain a lot of insight, but have trouble maximizing the potential output for the organization, due to for example political issues, lack of a strategic anchor or others. This blog post will address this issue, by giving you some concrete advice for integrating insights into your business structure.

So how do you do you do that exactly? Every case is individual – and therefore the approach method should be the same, but here are some different suggestions on how you could actually integrate customer knowledge into your business structure. These three examples are just an extract of all of the methods available, and can all be used together or individually.

Executive briefings

It is very important to involve decision makers in the integration process. They have the final say, and should therefore specifically be aware of the importance in how customer involvement can help their business utilize its potential.

In executive briefings you should focus on involving as many decision makers as possible; CEO’s, stakeholders and the managerial level in general. This will ensure a widespread integration of your gained insights across business structures.

Present for the decision makers the basic issues pointed out by your customers. The full report will work as an encyclopedia for comprehensive details. The key takeaways from the presentation will work as immediate objectives. By holding the key issues up against the overall strategic challenges and objectives, you make the potential of the business obvious and sensible for the managers with power to change it.


Workshops are an ideal way to secure the implementation of learnings, because they engage involvement. Though it might seem very basic, often time’s discussions or a conflict of interests might hinder the actual implementation processes of learnings from ever happening.

Workshops are a way for you to facilitate the reception of your understandings, and allow for you to immerse yourself into your learnings and insights. Through working sessions you will in plenum discuss the next step of your newly gathered knowledge: priorities, and how well your insights fit your current processes, etc.


Creating archetypes basically means to build an imaginary persona upon your targeted segment. Most businesses have slightly different alterations of their segments depending on which department you ask. Therefore archetypes are a great way to envision how your targeted segment would perceive your processes.

By always having “a customer” to guide you and hold your decisions up against, you make sure to always have your customers involved within your business structure. However, what is important to be aware of when using archetypes is, that they might vary during time – and therefore slight alterations are highly recommended every now and then.

Integrating insights is about strategy

The integration process is really about being smart with your learnings, so you utilize them in the best possible manner. It is about connecting the issues discovered at the initial stage - before conducting any behavioral analyses, and linking them to the insights that the customer involvement has given you. Involving customers is about being strategically smart and to start of with facing the right strategic challenges. Thus you will have the best basis of integrating insights with your business.


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