CMO: You might suffer from FOMO - this is how much it is costing you

The need for innovation that can tap unlocked business potential is increasingly rising as CMOs are confronted with changing consumer expectations or experiencing increasing complexity in the marketing channels. If this rings a bell, you are not alone – thousands of CMOs worldwide experience the same issue – and in our experience, they often make the same inferences: “We need to try everything”. They suffer from FOMO.

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Why 81% of executives agree that customer involvement is important

It is no secret that we at UserTribe see customer involvement as the future - and present - for profitable companies to thrive. Now this survey on Forbes lets executives chime in as well. The results are very promising. According to the survey, support for UX, user research and end-to-end customer experience has never been higher. Executives have realized the power of customer involvement - and with good reason.

81% of the executives asked agreed that user research makes their company more efficient, whilst 86% of the executives asked agreed that user research and a stronger CX focus improve the quality of products and services. A majority of respondents said that they invest in more than three different research methodologies, but especially the following are apparent:

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Facing the global company’s challenges

Having a global operation offers clear strategic benefits for your business: You exploit synergies and bring your products and services to whole new customer markets, new suppliers and new partners. Building customer bases. Growing, thriving. Endless possibilities. Right?

Being global also brings strategic challenges. Many companies find it difficult to be locally adaptable - and flexible - as they go global. In particular, processes for developing strategy and allocating resources can suffer in the immense diversity of markets, customers and channels.

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