Video: How to recruit the right customers for customer insights


At UserTribe we are experts at helping companies experience their business through the eyes of their customers. We do this through our proven process: 1. Discovery, 2. Insights, 3. Integrate & Secure (learn more). But how do we collect qualitative customer insights you ask?

This blog post will briefly walk you through the work and considerations put into selecting the exact right persons - or candidates - from the target group for conducting our customer sessions.

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Vlog: Customer Insights Weekly | W8


Our Customer Insight Consultant Julie presents you with learnings from the behavioral customer insights we have gained for our clients in the past week.

Customer input errors are a critical point in any flow: If your customers cannot overcome their errors, you'll lose them. When your customers make errors, make it as easy for them as possible to correct them, so you do not disrupt the flow. Take them directly to where the error occurred, and be careful not to erase any input data.

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As a leader, you are blindfolded by your employees

As a leader, you are dependent on your employees to know what is really going on in your company, all the way through the different layers and departmentsHow is your company actually doing? Are employees happy? Are projects and KPIs on track? Are you moving in the right direction?

There is one big problem with this dependency, though. We as humans have a strong, underlying urge to please the ones surrounding us - especially our superiors. This urge is making us filter out bad news as information travels up the formal levels. 

Our good friend Mathias from Think Clearly has written down his thoughts on this very phenomenon in Vol. 6 of his handwritten newsletter. We have featured it right here.

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