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Our Customer Insight Consultant Julie presents you with learnings from the behavioral customer insights we have gained for our clients in the past week.

If you have a lot of items on your websites, filtering options are a great tool for your customers. But be careful not to leave them without any search results. As you have seen in the clip above, the customer wanted to rent a vacation home, but his filters were too narrow, which lead to no results. This left the customer with a lot of frustration and confusion. To avoid this, help your customers move on. If their filters are too narrow, show them how to fix it, explain why there are no results, so they can easily move on.

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Don’t Ask Customers What They Want - Find Out!

Guest post by Mark Hurst, CEO & Founder at Creative Good

I started writing about user experience in 1997. Twenty years ago. Since then I’ve been through three major business cycles, hundreds of client engagements, and the arrival and departure of countless trends, technologies, buzzwords, and other artifacts in the UX discipline.

Across this varied landscape of two decades I have witnessed some notable patterns, almost universal truths, that seem to hold equally well from startup teams to enterprise business units.

Here’s one thing I have observed again and again: product teams that focus on everything except listening to users. They say – Brand proposition? Check. Social media strategy? Check. Technology baseline with the latest acronyms? Check. And... launch. They’re just missing one key item: any meaningful inclusion of the user.

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Vlog: Customer Insights Weekly | W6

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