CASE: Berendsen involves customers across 5 markets


“I am responsible for delivering the best possible product. And this behavioral customer involvement is a way to make sure that we actually meet the customers’ needs and that we have the right delivery at the end of the project.”

Berendsen is Europe’s leading textile provider, with 15,000 employees across 6 business lines and 16 countries throughout Europe. We met with Ulla Rixen, Group Project Manager at Berendsen, for a talk about their latest huge project: To build a customer portal to cover all of their 16 markets and 6 business lines.

Together with UserTribe, the textile provider ran several customer sessions in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The behavioral insights from these sessions have been built into an updated prototype of the platform, that is now ready for another round of behavioral customer sessions.

“We will go for a large investment on this platform, so it is important for us to know that we launch and deliver the right solution for the market and for our customers”, says Ulla Rixen.

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Vlog: Customer Insights Weekly | W5


Our Customer Insight Consultant Julie presents you with learnings from the behavioral customer insights we have gained for our clients in the past week.

There are endless ways to design websites and applications, but still, there are some unofficial guidelines on how to design for the human mind. In the example above, two accountants are struggling on how to post expenses in their system. Since the "post"-button is placed too far away from the input fields, none of the accountants see a connection between them. As a rule of thumb: Things that are connected, should be placed near each other to create a natural flow. 

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UX & design advice from Adobe's Digital Strategist

Guest post by Johan Lopes Helgesson, Digital Strategist at Adobe.

“Experience matters”. It’s a term that was coined back in the early days at Macromedia (acquired by Adobe in 2005) and has always held true here at Adobe. We believe that great experiences build great businesses. It’s what drives us to provide designers with the best tools, the best solutions to bring those experiences to life.

Great experiences are hard to quantify, but we all know when we are having them. And today, the bar has never been higher in terms of what we all expect from our mobile and web experiences.

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