CASE: Danmarks Statistik use customer involvement to prioritize development

When Danmarks Statistik developed a new responsive website, they wanted to test the website in beta before launch. The goal was clear: 1) To ensure high usability, and 2) to better be able to prioritize key tasks that would secure a good customer experience. To reach their goals, Danmarks Statistik sought out UserTribe.

“The new website was made responsive to mobile devices, and we wanted the customer experience recognizable across devices. It was vital for us to engage users before launch to address important issues. Furthermore, we wanted to be able to prioritize what was important to focus on internally in development to deliver a good customer experience”, says Stine Grundtvig Jungersen, Webmaster at Danmarks Statistik.

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CASE: Berendsen involves customers across 5 markets


“I am responsible for delivering the best possible product. And this behavioral customer involvement is a way to make sure that we actually meet the customers’ needs and that we have the right delivery at the end of the project.”

Berendsen is Europe’s leading textile provider, with 15,000 employees across 6 business lines and 16 countries throughout Europe. We met with Ulla Rixen, Group Project Manager at Berendsen, for a talk about their latest huge project: To build a customer portal to cover all of their 16 markets and 6 business lines.

Together with UserTribe, the textile provider ran several customer sessions in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The behavioral insights from these sessions have been built into an updated prototype of the platform, that is now ready for another round of behavioral customer sessions.

“We will go for a large investment on this platform, so it is important for us to know that we launch and deliver the right solution for the market and for our customers”, says Ulla Rixen.

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CASE: The VELUX Group ensures customer satisfaction


The VELUX Group is an international company with sales companies in more than 40 different countries and manufacturing companies in 10. Specializing in roof windows and modular skylights, the Group offers a range of sun screening solutions, roller shutters, blinds and more.

We met with Lene Alice Bate, Customer Experience Manager at The VELUX Group, for a talk about the group’s continuous customer involvement in the development of its Blind Shop.

In collaboration with UserTribe, the VELUX e-Business department has run customer sessions in the UK, Germany, Denmark, and France to examine the performance of its current Blind Shop.

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