6 Ways to Optimize Your Customer Engagement

Okay, okay.. We have been talking ourselves blue in the face about the importance of customer involvement. But what if you are already involving your customers? Let's talk optimization of that process. Here are 6 ways for you to optimize ROI on your current customer engagement:

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Customer Reality Check: SAS vs. Norwegian

UserTribe has initiated reality checks of various businesses to investigate how well they align with their customers and how they can improve their products and services. Our tribe’s findings will be published in Dansk Markedsføring each month.

This month we have been testing SAS and Norwegian's presence on social media. Social media decreases the span between customer and business by offering a platform for customers to interact directly with a company and each other. For the same reason, social media is the ideal place to emphasize the value you can create for your customers.

SAS is the large, experienced and state-owned airline company with essential connections such as London Heathrow and Frankfurt. In comparison, Norwegian is the younger successful upstart with vacation destinations all over Europe and across the Atlantic. UserTribe's customer reality check looked into their social media presence and uncovered what their potential customers found valuable.

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As a leader, you are blindfolded by your employees

As a leader, you are dependent on your employees to know what is really going on in your company, all the way through the different layers and departmentsHow is your company actually doing? Are employees happy? Are projects and KPIs on track? Are you moving in the right direction?

There is one big problem with this dependency, though. We as humans have a strong, underlying urge to please the ones surrounding us - especially our superiors. This urge is making us filter out bad news as information travels up the formal levels. 

Our good friend Mathias from Think Clearly has written down his thoughts on this very phenomenon in Vol. 6 of his handwritten newsletter. We have featured it right here.

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