UserTribe Opens Offices in New York and London

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UserTribe are opening offices in New York and London. The growth of the company derives from the philosophy that customer involvement is about business, development and marketing. To support the expansion, UserTribe has hired previous Managing Partner in Kunde & Co Casper Henningsen as new CCO.

The following is a loosely based translation of an article Dansk Markedsføring has done about UserTribe – “UserTribe åbner I New York

Yes, you heard right! After the summer of 2017 we are opening offices in New York and London. To strengthen the ambition, UserTribe has hired the previous Managing Partner in Kunde & Co Casper Henningsen as new CCO. With more than 550 businesses on our client list, it is a natural step for our continuous growth to look beyond borders.

“We definitely experience how UserTribe is becoming increasingly international. 70% of all of our reports are of international character. It is super exciting to be a part of a growing international company like UserTribe,” says Pernille Trachsel, Head of Customer Insight at UserTribe.

Besides our new CCO, we have hired the first international employees to support our new offices in New York and London, and, furthermore, have engaged in meetings with potential clients. “After summer we’ll look for facilities In London. New York will follow shortly afterwards,” says CEO at UserTribe Jonas Alexandersson.

Uncovering what customers are actually doing

UserTribe has disrupted the market of outdated focus groups and has specialized in “Customer Reality Checks” of products, concepts, ideas, and campaigns. Where the traditional focus groups will only uncover attitudes and opinions of your customers, the UserTribe software registers and observes how they engage with your product or service.

“Often you just ask customers what they think – but we uncover what they actually say and do. Our service is crowdsourced so we can effectuate worldwide within 48 hours,” says CEO at UserTribe Jonas Alexandersson.

Let’s move away from guessing and look at data

UserTribe service should be seen as much more than just a tool for test of finished products and marketing. 70% of our clients tell us that they wish they had involved UserTribe earlier. They realize that the UserTribe software is a more lean and agile approach to giving customers what they want and deserve – and not what businesses think their customers want. And like a large Nordic telecommunications group realized after they saved 500.000 Euro by involving their customers: Customer involvement is quite a good deal.

UserTribe has disrupted the methods for understanding customers, but next step is to have businesses involve customers much earlier in development processes than what is now usually the case.

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